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QNI‘s cast iron, cast steel and forged auto parts to important domestic auto factories


Our new investment has reached 20 million yuan, and we have newly purchased more than 30 high-precision machining centers and inclined cars and other processing equipment. In addition to our original processing equipment, our processing equipment has reached more than 60 sets, which are fully equipped with various The processing capacity of various levels of precision products. In terms of casting and smelting, we have upgraded the original electric furnace in accordance with the requirements of the local government and the environmental protection department. The newly purchased four 1.5-ton steel shell environmentally friendly automatic smelting furnaces have been installed and officially put into use, reaching the EIA The request has been well received by the government environmental protection department. The chemical composition of smelting and the spectrometer in the laboratory have been connected to the Internet. Through the computer control cabinet, the large LCD screen of the production site can simultaneously display the chemical composition of the laboratory test, the temperature before smelting and the change of the molten iron temperature, and realize the computer temperature control and chemical material composition. Visual control to ensure product quality. In casting molding, we have three fully automatic molding lines and two fully automatic sand processing lines, which can realize mass production. At the same time, we also have four micro-shock compaction molding machines, which can meet the needs of small batch production. Our casting capacity Has reached an annual output of more than 10,000 tons. We also have a special steel casting workshop, which is equipped with two 500 kg electric melting furnaces to meet the needs of customers for cast steel products. Our factory has now been rated as an innovative enterprise by the local government, and the government has given us awards and commendations.In terms of quality control of our company, we have experienced a long-term process from TS16949 to IATF16949 quality system, and have formed a systematic quality system. In terms of hardware, we have equipment such as spectrometers, metallographic analyzers, mechanical performance testing machines and three-coordinate measuring instruments, which can meet the control requirements of various high-end customers on the high quality level of products.